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Ultra Low Power High Stability Miniature OCXO

Ultra Low Power High Stability Miniature OCXOUltra Low Power High Stability Miniature OCXO

14DIP Compatible 9.5 mm Height Packaging Very 

Low Power Consumption: 0.18W at +25°C 

High Stability: up to ±2 ppb -40°C to 85°C 

Fast Warming-up: to 30 s. 

Low Phase Noise: -172 dBc/Hz floor 

Low Aging: 0.1 ppb/day, 15 ppb/year 

Wide Frequency range: 8 – 150 MHz 

Portable Wireless Communications 

Mobile Test equipment Synthesizers

Battery Powered Application


The POF series utilizes the internal heating resonator (IHR) technology incorporating the 

whole oven system together with the crystal plate inside the TO-8 vacuum holder. Such 

OCXO concept results in radical reduction of its volume, power consumption and warm-up 


The novel POF version differs from the basic POF model by improved oscillator circuitry 

providing essentially better temperature stability at the same miniature sizes, extremely low 

power consumption and low p

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