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What is TCXO?

Apr. 20, 2018

The temperature compensated crystal oscillator (tcxo) includes a digitally compensated crystal oscillator and a microcomputer compensated crystal oscillator. The device uses an analog compensation network or digital compensation method, and uses the crystal load reactance to compensate for the temperature-temperature characteristics of the crystal element with changes in temperature to achieve a crystal oscillator that reduces its frequency-temperature offset.

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Temperature compensated crystal oscillator is also called warm-up crystal oscillator. The English abbreviated tcxo (a compensated crystal oscillator) is designed to maintain the crystal oscillator's output frequency within a certain accuracy range (eg, capacitance compensation, thermistor network compensation, etc.) within a certain temperature range (eg, Grade 10-7, 10-6 grade crystal oscillator. It features good start-up characteristics, low power consumption, and high frequency-temperature stability. Widely used in various communications, navigation, radar, satellite positioning systems, mobile communications, program-controlled telephone switches, various types of electronic measuring instruments.

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