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What is Monolithic Crystal Filter?

Apr. 16, 2018

Introduction of monolithic crystal filter:

Several electrodes are plated on the piezoelectric substrate using an integrated process, as shown in Figure 6(a). Each pair of electrodes constitutes a resonant element, and the electrodes at both ends of the substrate also function as an organic electric energy transducing function, and the interpole portion functions as a coupling element. The equivalent circuit is shown in FIG. 6(b), which is a band-pass filter.

monolithic crystal filter

The monolithic crystal filter adopts integrated technology, which has the advantages of small size, high stability, low cost, etc.; usually made of bandpass, mainly using quartz crystal as the substrate, the working frequency band is 5~200MHz, and the relative bandwidth is about 0.01%~ 0.3%. Because of its working principle and the same mechanical filter, also known as single-chip mechanical filter, this filter can also be composed of multiple pieces of monolithic, in order to reduce the process requirements.

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