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TCXO Performance

Apr. 23, 2018

TCXO PPM functionality: The TCXO temperature operation is far better than that of a standard crystal oscillator. Typically amounts of between 10 and 40 times advancement may frequently be viewed. Normal amounts are provided in the table for the various temperature ranges. Figures of greater than ±1.5 ppm over a 0 to 70°C temperature range are hard to achieve since they then fall to a high precision class where prices increase significantly.

Power dissipation: The energy dissipation of a TCXO will probably be higher than a normal oscillator in light of the extra circuitry required. Also the price is greater. It should also be recalled it's going to have a brief while after beginning up for the oscillator to stabilize.


Output structure and amount: With several TCXOs used for forcing digital circuits, the majority of the little oscillator packages create what's called a clipped sine wave. This is acceptable for driving a sense circuit, but in several instances it's a good idea to place it via a logic buffer to make sure it's sufficiently square. Frequently the output signal is an open collector circuit. When a sine wave output signal is necessary, then this has to be selected at the beginning and it'll restrict the option available. Many run from supplies of 3 V, and might draw as few as 2 mA, although this depends upon the overall kind, the maker and the specific device selected. We are TCXO manufacturer in China. Pls contact to us for further information.

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