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Main Specifications of Crystal Resonator

Mar. 03, 2018

Crystal resonator includes TO5 Crystal Resonator, SMD Crystal Resonator. Do you know its main specifications?

Nominal frequency: The nominal center frequency or frequency of the oscillator output.

Frequency accuracy: Oscillator output frequency at room temperature (25 ℃ ± 2 ℃) deviation from the nominal frequency.

Adjusting the frequency difference: The maximum allowable frequency deviation of the oscillator output frequency relative to the measured value at 25 ° C within the specified temperature range.

Load resonant frequency (fL): Under specified conditions, the crystal and a load capacitor in series or in parallel, the combined impedance appears to be resistive (resonant) of the two frequencies. In series load capacitance, the load resonant frequency is the lower of the two frequencies and in parallel with the load capacitance, the higher of the two frequencies.

TO5 Crystal Resonator

Static capacitance: equivalent circuit in series with the parallel capacitor, also called and capacitance, usually C0 said.

Operating temperature range: To ensure that the oscillator output frequency and its characteristics meet the specifications of the temperature range.

Frequency Temperature Stability: The maximum allowable frequency deviation with or without an implied reference temperature over a specified temperature range for nominal power and load.

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