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Processing of Monolithic Crystal Filter

May. 02, 2018

In this article, we will talk about the processing of MCF.

Main technical indicators and main considerations of Monolithic Crystal Filter

Main Technical Specifications Center Frequency (Nominal Frequency) Passband Width 3db 6db Passband Fluctuation Insertion Loss Stopband Attenuation Stopband Range Spurious Response Group Delay Signal The rate of change of the phase after passing the filter to the frequency can be seen from the formula and The selected measurement aperture (Δω) is related to the large aperture may miss some points and make the measurement data appear smaller. The termination impedance can be either a pure resistance or a capacitor, so that this capacitor is included during debugging to prevent the user and the manufacturer from having different test results due to the different termination impedances.

Monolithic Crystal Filter

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