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Relationship Between NFC Applications and Quartz Crystal

Mar. 28, 2018

NFC (Near Field Communication), also known as near field communication, is a combination of inductive readers, proximity cards, and point-to-point functions on a single chip. It recognizes and exchanges data with compatible devices over short distances (usually 10 cm).

Quartz Crystal

Compared with other wireless communication technologies, NFC has high security. It is precisely because the wireless communication mode between two NFC devices is based on the quartz crystal frequency of 13.56 MHz, and the effective distance is only about 10 cm. NFC uses different master chips and solutions, such as the TI TRF7970A chip and the NXP PN7462 chip, which will also differ on the selected crystal. For NFC devices that do not have a large size requirement, quartz crystal oscillators in the HC-49SMD, HC-49S, and 5.0*3.2 packages are generally used; however, in smart phones, smart homes, and IC cards, which require thin and light products, More small size quartz crystal products such as 2.0*1.6, 2.5*2.0, 3.2*2.5.

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