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Basic Introduction of Crystal Oscillator

Jan. 30, 2018

Crystal oscillator refers to a quartz crystal from a certain azimuth angle cut thin slices (referred to as the wafer), quartz crystal resonator, referred to as quartz crystal or crystal. And in the package to add the LC crystal oscillator circuit components are called crystal oscillators. Their products are generally used metal package, but also useful glass, ceramic or plastic package.

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Application of Crystal Oscillator

1. Universal crystal oscillator, used in a variety of circuits, the oscillation frequency.

2. Clock pulse quartz crystal resonator, with other components to produce standard pulse signal, is widely used in digital circuits.

3. Microprocessor quartz crystal resonator.

4. CTVVTR with quartz crystal resonator.

5. Watches with quartz crystal oscillator.

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