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Do You Know VCXO?

Mar. 07, 2018

Voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), I believe many people do not understand. So what is the voltage-controlled crystal oscillator? What is its principle? Do we understand the parameters of voltage controlled crystal and its selection?

VCXO, Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Voltage-controlled crystal oscillator, also known as voltage-controlled crystal oscillator, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator is mainly composed of quartz resonators, varactor diodes and oscillation circuit, the working principle is to control the voltage to change the varactor capacitance, thus "traction" quartz resonator The frequency, in order to achieve the purpose of frequency modulation. Voltage-controlled oscillators are mostly used for phase-locked technology, the purpose of frequency negative feedback modulation. Voltage controlled crystal oscillator frequency control allows a wide range of traction generally (± 35 ~ ± 50) ppm, the actual up to ± 200ppm. With the development of modern wireless communication systems in the high-frequency, broadband and portable applications, the voltage-controlled crystal oscillator is required to have high frequency, high performance, wide frequency range, good linearity, excellent frequency stability, low frequency traction error, low noise and package size Small features. All the advanced countries in the world compete to develop and produce high-level products to meet the growing market demand.

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