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Development Tendency of TCXO

May. 18, 2018

TCXO frequently used frequency points: 45 5.12 6 6.4 8.192 9.216 10 10.24 12 12.8 13 14.4 15.36 16.38 16.384 19.44 19.68 19.8 20 30.72 32.768 36.864 38.88 40 52 50 77.76 80 100 155.52


Development tendency of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator

Accuracy, low power consumption, and miniaturization are still the subjects of research on crystal oscillators. In terms of miniaturization and slicing, many difficulties are faced, of which two main ones are: First, miniaturization will make the frequency variable amplitude of quartz crystal oscillator smaller, and temperature compensation will be more difficult; second, after chip package During the operation, since the soldering temperature is much higher than the maximum allowable temperature of the crystal oscillator, the frequency of the crystal oscillator will change. If the local cooling and temperature-reduction measures are not adopted, it is difficult to control the frequency variation of the crystal oscillator at ±0.5. ×10-6 or less. However, the improvement in the technological level of temperature compensated crystal oscillator has not reached the limit, and the contents and potential for innovation are still large.

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