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Crystals Have Contributed To The Development of NFC

May. 23, 2018

Nowadays, more and more smart phones are advertised with NFC function. NFC coils are usually installed in the back of the phone or even in the battery. When using the NFC coil, you usually need to align the back of the phone with the sensing area and scan it with a few drops. With it, after the basic exit will not have to bring a card, a mobile phone is all set. But do you know what specific function it has? Clock Crystal Oscillator and Quartz Crystal Oscillator play important roles.

Crystal Oscillator

First of all, the most practical is the mobile payment function: such as buses, subways, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants and so on. When you need to checkout, take your mobile phone and you're OK.

Second, the access control functions: such as residential access control, car locks, tickets, etc. This requires that our mobile phone has a corresponding verification code. If you want to enter the door and swipe it, you can complete the verification.

Third, data transmission functions such as transferring pictures, downloading music, exchanging contacts, etc. But this is actually much faster than Bluetooth.

Fourth, browsing information functions, such as NFC mobile phones near the NFC-enabled public facilities on the street, can browse traffic, performance, weather and other information.

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