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Application of Crystal Oscillator in Cloud Surveillance Camera

May. 07, 2018

The cloud surveillance camera adopts advanced P2P technology and can be set up through a convenient cloud service platform, enabling you to remotely monitor the cloud camera instantly. As long as the cloud surveillance camera is connected to the network, you can watch the live broadcast via the free watch on your iPhone or Android device. Alternatively, you can access the monitoring screen at any time by accessing a client that supports almost all browsers on your computer. Cloud surveillance cameras create a very convenient and cost-effective home monitoring system for you.

Crystal oscillators - the heart of electronic products, more in the cloud surveillance camera is indispensable. Whether it is a camera, a gateway or a wireless transmission, it is inseparable from the crystal. Commonly used cloud surveillance cameras have SMD 3225 24MHz crystal oscillator, 25MHz crystal oscillator, 32MHz crystal oscillator, and 3215 32.768KHz patch crystal oscillator. Voltage controlled crystal oscillators can be found on our website.

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