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High Quality Crystal Oscillator Improves Security and Protection

May. 26, 2018

As an important means to ensure the safety of people's lives and properties, security monitoring has received increasing attention in recent years. The increase in the occurrence of failures requires that the crystal oscillation circuit used is very strict, so there are also strict requirements on the accuracy and stability of quartz crystal oscillators. This will ensure the continued stability of the security arrangements.

Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators

As the security industry continues to move forward in the direction of digital integration, networking, and intelligence, the accompanying components will also move toward miniaturization. The miniaturization of the quartz crystal element includes two aspects: On the one hand, the quartz crystal element is developed from the leaded product (DIP, such as 49U, 49S) to the direction of the SMD chip without the lead; on the other hand, it refers to the SMD quartz. The crystal oscillator develops toward a small volume (8045→7050→6035→5032→3225→2520→2016→2012→1612...). Security products due to the design function is very right, so the frequency of the commonly used crystal oscillator is also a lot of specifications, such as: 13.560MHz, 24.000MHz, 12.270MHz, 17.3844MHz, 18.9375MHz, 28.375MHz, 37.875MHz, 38.13986MHz, 27MHz, 54MHz, etc.

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