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Three Key Factors for the Design of The Heat Conduction of Electronic Instrument

Jan. 06, 2018

In the electronic equipment, the main source of heat resistive current carrying components, such as transformer, integrated circuit, Crystal Filter, Crystal Resonator, choke and high power resistance, etc. The purpose of chassis thermal protection design is to use the reasonable heat exchange mode for the instrument box, and obtain higher heat exchange efficiency with the lowest heat exchange cost, so as to ensure the instrument and equipment work stably and reliably in the prescribed thermal environment.

1.In order to improve the heat conduction ability of the chassis, choose large thermal conductivity material.

2.Appearance design. If the appearance requirement is not high, can be coated with black paint wrinkles, its heat radiation effect is better.

3.The reasonable opening of the air hole on the chassis can strengthen the flow convection heat transfer.

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