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Characteristic Parameters Of TCXO

Apr. 25, 2018

In this article, we will share the characteristic parameters of TCXO.

1) Nominal frequency: the frequency indicated on the oscillator.

2) Operating temperature range: The oscillator can work normally. The frequency and other properties do not exceed the specified allowable deviation of the temperature range.

3) Frequency accuracy: According to the requirements of the specified conditions, the reference temperature (23 °C ± 2 °C) test, the crystal oscillator frequency relative to its specified nominal maximum allowable deviation, that is (f-f0) / f0.

4) Frequency-temperature stability: In accordance with the requirements of the specified conditions, the allowable frequency deviation value of the maximum variation of the output frequency of the crystal oscillator within the specified temperature range with respect to the sum of the output frequency extremum within the temperature range, ie ±(fmax-fmin) )/(fmax+fmin).

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5) Output waveform: According to the requirements of the specified conditions, the oscillator output waveform type is sine wave or square wave.

6) Frequency aging: The crystal oscillator output frequency changes with time and is usually measured with the frequency difference at a certain time interval. For example, the total change from 0 to 30 days or the change in the scheduled total frequency within 1 year.

7) Phase noise: frequency domain measurement of short-term stability. The ratio of the power to the carrier power phase noise per 1hz bandwidth in the single-sideband spectrum.

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