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Application of TCXO

Feb. 28, 2018

Development of Quartz Crystal Oscillator and Its Application in Wireless System

Due to its high frequency stability and small size, TCXO can be quickly started up at low currents, and its application fields have been expanded to include mobile communication systems. The TCXO serves as the reference oscillator for providing the frequency reference for the transmit channel and also serves as the first-stage local oscillator for the receive channel. The other TCXO, as the second-stage local oscillator, inputs its oscillation signal to the second inverter. At present, the frequency stability of mobile phones is required to be between 0.1 and 2.5 ppm (-30 to + 75 ° C). However, for the sake of cost, the commonly used specifications are 1.5 to 2.5 ppm. One of the representative products of TCXO with 12 ~ 20MHz for mobile phones is VC-TCXO-201C1, which adopts direct compensation mode.

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