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Application Areas of OCXO

Feb. 24, 2018

In this news, we would like to introduce the application areas of OCXO.


1) Military and aerospace fields: communication and navigation, enemy and foe recognizer, radar, sensor, guidance system, fuze, electronic warfare, sonar

2) Scientific research and measurement: atomic clock, measuring equipment, telemetry, remote sensing, remote control

3) OCXO can be used in industry: Telecom, Telecom, Mobile / Cellular / Portable Terminal, Aviation, Navigation, Instrumentation, Computer, Digital Equipment, Display, Disk Drive, Modem, Identification / Authentication System, Sensor;

4) Consumer areas: watches and clocks, cellular and cordless phones, regular telephones, pagers, audio equipment, cable television systems and televisions, PCs, video cameras, amateur radio equipment, toys, medical devices and equipment;

5) OCXO can be used in automotive: Engine Control, Stereo Clock, Sensor, Driving Computer, GPS Application.

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